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Milestone Title, owned by Cerissa Michelle O’Neal, Esq. and Jackie Lynn O’Neal, is an ideal partner in an active, sophisticated real estate market. Since its inception in May 2004, the firm has demonstrated excellence in business practices, distinguishing itself in the real estate title and settlement services industries. As a small business, Milestone Title has shown consistent growth and the firm continues to expand its overall capacity.

Milestone Title is proud to service residential, commercial, foreclosure, REO, builder and investor real estate transactions. Contact us today at (301) 459-0400 to learn how we can help your next deal.


Experience Excellence with Milestone Title!

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The Milestone Title team of professionals are among the best closers in the business. We have the experience and passion necessary to navigate the title process to ensure that the property has clear title before your closing date.

We also know the home buying process can get complicated and overwhelming for your clients. As a trusted adviser, you want them to understand the benefits of a title insurance policy and closing services. Milestone Title provides clear communication and a closing process that is as smooth and efficient as possible for you and your customers. Homebuyers can choose any title agency that they want to partner with and we hope that you’ll encourage them to work with Milestone Title.


Milestone Title is the professional partner you need for any of your real estate transactions. With an open line of communication, we are your best choice for closing and title services in the D.C. and Maryland area.

We are dedicated to internal education and compliance efforts to protect you and your customers. Our staff is trained on various industry compliance efforts such as protecting non-public personal information and preventing wire transfer fraud.

Milestone Title hereby pledges to continually –

  • Innovate new business practices and tools to enhance the settlement experience,
  • Provide ongoing employee training for quality service and regulatory compliance, and
  • Implement written procedures in conformance to these Best Practices on your behalf and on behalf of the consumer.


Milestone Title focuses on the people involved in the transaction as much as the deal itself. We know a real estate purchase is often a joyous occasion for all involved, and we’re here to make sure that your celebration isn’t soured by challenges, delays or other unexpected issues at the closing. We’ll find the solutions needed to make sure your deal stays on track.

Milestone Title does whatever it takes to guide the transaction through the finish line. You have the right to choose your own title company and we hope you’ll choose to experience excellence with Milestone Title.

For Sale By Owner

Choosing to sell your home without the assistance of a real estate professional can be complicated. That’s where Milestone Title comes in. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure a stress-free transaction. We will help you navigate and file important documents, provide title insurance, maintain escrow accounts and conduct the closing.

We’re also proud to have an in-house real estate attorney that can prepare your sales contract, loan and other documents necessary for your transaction. Rest assured that our experience in real estate transactions and our dedication to providing you with personalized service will make selling your home yourself much less complicated.

Our Vision Is Your Success

Title Search & Examination:

Milestone Title enlists the services of a trusted third-party Abstractor who thoroughly researches and investigates the history and title unique to a parcel of land including survey plats, land records, court records and tax records. Once Milestone Title receives the Abstract Report, we examine the report and resolve any potential title issues allowing consumers and agencies to have clear and marketable title.

– House Location Drawings – examining house location drawings for possible encroachments and boundary disputes.

The title examiners at Milestone Title review the surveys to ensure that there are no potential boundary disputes. We offer comprehensive title abstracting, title reports, and title examination services as well as curative instruments that clear liens and encumbrances, allowing agencies to have clear and marketable title.


  • Survey Examinations – examining surveys for possible encroachments or boundary disputes
  • Title Examinations – examining all title work that includes public records unique to a parcel of land including survey plats, land records, court records and tax records.

We are paperless (as much as we can be), we strive to stay on top of technology, bringing the newest available to improve communication, the process, and overall experience.